Due to it's unequaled land speed, the 'ZX27 Assault Bike' is unanimously referred to as "Zipper" by the Runners that operate it. Featuring a pair of light plasma rifles and the absolute best in ejection technology, the operator almost always lives to fight on after the bike is destroyed.


The Zipper is a light and fast unit, the fastest unit in the game along with the Tango. It is built to quickly rush an enemy outpost to neutralize and occupy it before formidable defenses are built.


  • Fast moving and spammable, works well as a distraction.
  • Can quickly neutralize outposts and then occupy them with Runners that spawn upon death.
  • Quicker to build than even most Infantry.


  • Is very weak to anti-light units, and is susceptible to AoE.
  • Does very little damage to heavy units.
  • Can only shoot ahead of itself; like buster, it must rotate its entire chassis to aim.

Good Loadouts

  • Can function as both a light unit and infantry.
  • Must be supported with heavier tank units and Anti-Air once an outpost is taken by them.


The fastest vehicle in the game, the Low-cost, High-speed Zipper can preform a good deal of support functions.

On offense, the low build time and cost can make it easy to spam against enemy lines. Take advantage of the Zipper's high speed and small profile by utilizing the Patrol command near tanks and other slow-to-move enemies. Plot one or two points nearby a tank, and the Zipper will dart back and forth, distracting the enemy tanks for a long while, as the Zipper is too fast for Tanks to be able to consistently hit it, and allowing your heavier units to deal more damage unscathed. And the cheap price and low build time make it simple to replace any zippers that are lost.

Zippers help when assaulting outposts. Zippers have an 80% chance to spawn a Runner infantry when killed, making Zipper a good choice as support when fighting outposts. If your zippers are killed off, they're likely to spawn infantry, which can quickly take the slots in a freshly-neutralized outpost. Zipper's don't deal a lot of damage, however, and have low armor as well,so make sure that you're fighting outposts with something else, along with your zippers.

On Defense, the spamability helps a bunch as well. The quick build time means you can throw down a bunch in a a short time to help fight off attackers that are harassing your outpost. In small numbers, Zippers can actually deal quite decent damage. And if your zippers are destroyed while defending, the infantry they spawn can run back into your outpost, allowing you to hold it for longer.

The projectiles fired by Zipper are very fast and decently accurate, making Zipper especially useful at defending against Infantry, and can be effective support to prevent light units from distracting your defending tanks. A cheaper, more mobile version of Gatty in a way.

The fast speed of Zipper allows it to patrol large spaces of the map in very short times. While patrolling your own territory may seem wasteful, you can use Zippers to cover areas where the enemy may try to amass a secret tank push, so you know if the enemy is trying anything funny. Putting a few Zippers on patrol duty can keep your minimap open to every space you control, allowing you to very quickly verify if the enemy is in your airspace, trying to harass your outposts or army. If you know where the enemy is trying to attack sooner, you'll have better success at driving them back if you're prepared.


  • During the Alpha version, it was called a Bike.