A supercomputer that assists in rapid permutation of battle outcomes. Provides additional upkeep when placed on a socket of a team-owned building.

Characteristics Edit


  • Provides Upkeep to the Builder's team if placed on a socket


  • Can be very easily harassed and destroyed
  • Takes a decently long time to build

Good Loadouts

  • Generally useful in the late-game
  • Supports a tank-heavy playstyle.

Notes Edit

The Whopper provides upkeep to the user's team when placed on a socket, allowing teams to continue stockpiling an army when upkeep is limited.

This is most used in the later periods of the game, where neither team has the power to push into another without sufficient numbers, and credits are no longer a concern.

Trivia Edit

  • Was previously named the "Leveler", and used to provide free XP to the builder's team throughout the battle
  • Functions as the Generator previously did, providing upkeep to the builder
  • The name is not a reference to Burger King, as what might be apparent.
  • Likely a reference to WOPR, the military supercomputer in the movie WarGames.

Gallery Edit

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