Aerial attack drone equipped with a gattling gun. When deployed, this flying unit will attack ground targets. It can be assigned orders if needed.


The Vulcan is a light aerial attack unit. It damages ground units from the safety of the air, and can only be targeted by mechs and Anti-Air. It can fly over obstacles and be assigned orders.


  • Fast moving and in the air, works well to deal supporting damage during a push, especially against unit clumps without anti-air, or against light units.
  • Can be pushed quickly because of its fast move speed and ability to avoid ground obstacles.


  • Is very weak against anti-air units and enemy Airmechs.
  • Doesn't deal a lot of damage to heavier units.

Good Loadouts

  • Compliments an air units-heavy loadout.
  • Is a potential replacement of Light Vehicles, as it can quickly destroy light units, and is fast moving.


The main advantage of using the Vulcan over other light units is that it can only be targeted by anti-air and mechs, and can fly over all obstacles, allowing it to take a direct route to its destination.


  • Vulcan is the first aerial unit created with the ability to directly damage units.


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