A convenient way to store credits, or transfer between players. No offensive weapons, and makes a very expensive wall (not a suggested tactic).


The Vaultbox is an income socket unit. This unit generates credits for your team over time when placed on the battlefield. However, unlike a Moneymaker, the creditboxes do not give your team credits until they are recycled. While on the battlefield, the creditboxes gain 1% compounding interest every 10 seconds, or every 4 seconds while on a socket, essentially doubling in value every 5 minutes whilst on a socket.


  • Allows you to develop a large income lead over your opponent the longer a game goes on.
  • Doubles in value every 5 minutes, selling for 40,000 credits after 5 minutes on the battlefield.
  • Generates credits more quickly than a Moneymaker.


  • Only pays for itself during lengthy games.
  • Sets you back economically in the beginning of the match, which is a crucial time.
  • Can be easily harassed and destroyed, meaning you will not receive any of the credits for recycling it.

Good Loadouts

  • Is best used in loadouts that focus on the late game and can survive aggressive pushes in the beginning of the game.


The Vaultbox can be used following these steps:

  1. Buy the Lockbox, Safebox, or Vaultbox ingame via the build menu.
  2. Place the Lockbox, Safebox, or Vaultbox anywhere, doesn't have to be on a socket.
  3. The Credit Box will slowly gather interest based on the amount of time it has been on the battlefield.
  4. Whenever in need of cash, pick it up and recycle it for more money than it was worth.

For team games, lock boxes can be used to transfer credits between players, allowing more diverse tactics, and stronger teamwork abilities. Teammates can pick up and sell Vaultboxes you have built for credits to build units of their own.


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