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A group of units surrounding an Outpost from an older version of AirMech

All units shown using their idle animations

All units are covered in this page. If you're looking for a specific type of unit, check Category:Repair, Category:Turret, Category:Anti-Air, Category:Tanks, Category:Late-game, Category:Long-range, Category:Jammers, or Category:Stasis for various units that can fill different niches

AirMech has a wide variety of units to construct with differing purposes, as well as a number of alternates, ultimates and Cosmetic Variants. Most units can be given order to capture outposts, attack the enemy fortress or follow the mech-go to a spot. Built units can be picked up at a fortress or friendly Outposts.

They can also be autodeployed to a Flag point, this is useful specially for big maps. Flags are placed by default: Ctrl + E. To autodeploy units just press Ctrl and then build your units. They will automatically amass themselves in the Flag spot. If you press Ctrl + E again, the beforeplaced flag with be deleted, be careful with this as it can give you really bad troubles in a match.

For more information about how to build and use units, see these pages on carrying, orders, and the HUD.

Compare the statistics of the different units with this spreadsheet.

Tanks ArmadilloBusterDevastatorGeminiGoliathLonghorn
Infantry AssassinBruteButcherFF2000FixerFlamerJumperMortyNecroProbeRocketeerRunnerSAMSergeantSoldier
Anti-Air FlakkerHAATSeekerStinger
Repair HoneypotPatcherRatchet
Turrets AegisGattySentry TurretT45T99
Artillery ArchyArtyBertha
Vehicles BoxerBuckyJackalJokerRebelTangoZipper
Flying BaloomHeroSkyeye
Socket Bot SpawnerGeneratorLevelerLockboxLunchboxMoneymakerSafeboxVaultbox
Utility Bear TrapBombsBoosterHeavy MineLight MineStasis Mine


All Infantry units can be ordered to capture an Outpost, attack fort etc., though a handful prioritize other tasks first, such as healing friendly units, destroying enemy units or reviving the dead. Infantry are the only units that can enter and capture Outposts, filling the empty slot in each corner of the outpost until all slots are full and the outpost switches to friendly. If enemy infantry occupy any slots, friendly infantry will attempt to destroy them before entering. After all Outposts on the map are captured, Infantry advance toward the enemy's Fortress.

As a hidden stat, all infantry have a chance to dodge shots from tanks. If an infantry unit dodges a shot, the tank shot will simply miss the unit entirely, even if the infantry is standing completely still. This makes infantry useful as support when attacking tanks. This dodge change is lowered for the Butcher and Brute, and does not apply to infantry stationed or bunkered in outposts.

Creeps cannot be built, but are spawned every 20 seconds in squads of 4 to 5 depending on the map and do not cost upkeep, while all buildable infantry do.

Most infantry are modeled after Team Fortress 2 classes, which is reflected by their codenames in the map editor.

Viable infantry[]

These Infantry are all good choices to use for an infantry depending on your playstyle.

  • Soldier - Default, standard infantry. Stronger than early Creeps and a solid choice between cost, survivability and firepower to use for outposts or general use.
  • Sergeant - A stronger but more expensive version of Soldier.
  • Boomer - Bomb-carrying suicide infantry; single use, high damage. Needs to distract with other units to work properly.
  • Runner - Fast moving Infantry. Has less survivability and penetration than Soldier but faster firing weapons and the ability to rush an outpost just like Probe.
  • SAM - Shoots hard-hitting high penetration homing missiles that can be shot down, but are somewhat fragile.
  • Shooter - Lightly armoured long range sniping infantry with an auto targeting AI that allows them to stop to fire at their targets much like Bucky.
  • Fixer - Repairing infantry able to disarm mines. Can repair on the move unlike other healing units.
  • Probe - Has the fastest movement, cheapest cost and quickest build time but is weaponless and fragile. Perfect for keeping an Outpost occupied when enemy is attempting to neutralize it or blitzing an Outpost and taking units out immediately to secure it, due to its almost nonexistent delay time to enter one.
  • Jumper - Jumping infantry with a heat-seeking rocket launcher, has invulnerability frames while in the air.
  • Rocketeer - Flying Infantry with similar stats to Soldier which can land to capture outposts. Perfect for maps with many gaps or uneven terrain as they don't follow standard unit pathways and don't get hit mid-flight by ground units.
  • Necro - Resurrects destroyed units to half health, regardless of team, then self-destructs. Cannot resurrect Neutrals except in Wastelands. Good to pepper around your army so destroyed units have a chance at second life for a much lower cost than building them again.
  • Butcher - (Upkeep: 2) - Requires Level 3 to build. Offensive melee infantry with extremely high DPS to cost ratio and weak armor. These units are perfect for shredding tanks and benefit from the infantry dodge chance, but are used disposably. One of the most used units in the current meta (as of v.76180).
  • Brute - (Upkeep: 2) - Requires Level 4 to build. The Goliath of infantry. 2 Upkeep. They are good for heavily fortifying an outpost you want secured and prevented from Cheesing, since they are the hardest Infantry to get rid of. Beware that 4 of them cost 8 upkeep that you won't get back until they're destroyed.

Niche infantry[]

These infantry may have their purposes, but are extremely hard to use or redundant to other units and are not recommended at any skill level.

  • Assassin - Cheap infantry with cloaking ability and melee only. Decent damage but ultra low hp makes it countered easily by Tesla Tower or any AoE (if a Bucky dies, for example, all assassins die with it as cause of the explosion + low unit hp + low unit armor).
  • FF2000 - A PAX promotional giveaway. It only targets mechs and infantry with a melee attack.
  • Flamer - Flamethrower Infantry, deals high damage to low armor targets at short range. It grants a BRUTAL AoE damage, but its range is too short + the low armor + low HP + slow speed make it a bad choice for defending captured outposts.
  • Morty - High movement speed grenadier infantry with AoE. Haves virtually 0dps against tanks or everything else that is not a creep, making it a very bad infantry specially in late game stages.


Vehicles are all units that are mobile but cannot secure an outpost. They are used for attacking Outposts or pushing forces to secure areas of the map.

Light Units[]

These units have lighter armor but are usually faster, and most of them have light, fast firing weapons that can quickly neutralize an Outpost for a much lower cost than tanks. In masses, they can be hard to deal with but have problems dealing with Stasis. Gatty also normally deals near its maximum potential damage output against them. All of them except some exceptions only require 1 upkeep.

  • Zipper - The fastest vehicle, chance to spawn a Runner on death. Very light weapons but can detonate Heavy Mine for a tank push in the cheapest way possible.
  • Tango - A zipper with a sidecar, an even higher chance to spawn a Runner and a secondary chance to spawn two simultaneously.
  • Boxer - APC that can carry up to 4 Infantry; effective damage soaker. Has the speed of a Tank, so can go with tank pushes decently well.
  • Bucky - A long-range missile unit that is able to stop itself when firing on a target, perfect for clearing neutrals and putting pressure on an enemy, but very easy to destroy and distract. Has a chance to drop a SAM.
  • Rebel - A cheap, makeshift vehicle in the fashion of a Syrian rebel tank with higher end armor but low penetration. Has a chance to drop a Soldier.
  • Joker - Extremely cheap vehicle with an infantry strapped to the back. Similar to Zipper and Tango in firepower and to drop a Runner, but has a turret and is much more flexible .
  • Jackal - Medium armour and health vehicle with similar chassis to Joker
  • Gangster - (Upkeep: 2) - heavily armoured, fast attack vehicle, armed with a turret.
  • Jammer - Low cost radar jamming unit. Due to a bug in current version, its jamming is extremely limited.
  • Ratters - Very low survivability in return for high penetration, high DPS weapons for its cost. Downside is its high build time.
  • Flakker - An anti-air unit on a truck chassis that deals unavoidable damage.
  • Patcher - Lightweight utility truck with repair capabilities and high speed, able to keep up with other light units. Cannot repair on the move.

Heavy Vehicles[]

Tanks can be your main source of damage output and damage absorbency. They can take alot of damage, and offensive tanks are usually the most hard hitting in the game. All units in this category also have half the armor from behind them and thus take significantly more damage when fired on from the back. You can use almost exclusively units from this category and still have a very solid army.

  • Armadillo - (Upkeep: 1) - Low cost but most of all low upkeep, all around fast light tank. Low acceleration means that every decision to change course needs to be deliberate. Can kill everything without problems when massed as its DPS to cost and upkeep ratio is fantastic for the penetration it has. Dies instantly when a Heavy Mine explodes.
  • Longhorn - (Upkeep: 2) - Single-barreled main battle tank with high penetration and standard DPS against heavier units, a very standard backbone of an army that can be used for anything, but struggles somewhat against lighter units and infantry distracting them.
  • Gemini - (Upkeep: 2) - Analogous to Longhorn, this unit shares almost all traits except for the weapon. A double-barrel configuration with less penetration than Armadillo but higher DPS than both it and Longhorn gives it more overall potential than Longhorn. It's better suited against lighter units but can still compete until later into the match when heavier units are pulled out.
  • Seeker - (Upkeep: 2) - A powerful anti-air and anti-mech missile launcher on a tank chassis. It's a very solid option in any army to repel air and harassment from mechs, but can be avoided. Not the best option to use against Bomber.
  • Ratchet - (Upkeep: 2) - A standard armored tank with repair capabilities, great to pair with Seeker and a standard tank. Cannot repair on the move.
  • Buster - (Upkeep: 2) - Standard HP, heavily armored from the front and can only fire when facing the target leaving it vulnerable when changing targets or being surrounded and distracted. Extreme amounts of penetration and raw alpha allow them to dispose of tanks very quickly if left unattended to. They have slightly higher range than standard tanks (18 vs 19), so they can be used in a micro war to slowly push the enemy. Requires Level 3 to build.
  • Grinder - (Upkeep: 4) - A medium-size drill excavator repurposed to shred enemy units. It's very hard to destroy and has high DPS, perfect for pushes. It also clears Missile Silo markers. Requires level 5 to build.
  • Roller - (Upkeep: 3) - A roller unit with extremely high health, analogous to Grinder in its function. It doesn't do much damage but clears mines without taking damage in return, but is usually outperformed by Grinder in most aspects.
  • Turtle - (Upkeep: 2) - Unarmed mobile shield, very slow movement. Its armor doubles when stationary (tucked away in its shell). While it is not a stereotypical "tank", it still has half armor in the back, which is standard for all other tanks. All ranged attacks will divert to the Turtle, including artillery.
  • Sonya - (Upkeep: 3) - A jammer-type unit with a medium field of jamming and higher bulk than Jammer. Requires Level 4 to build. Due to a bug in current version, its jamming is extremely limited.
  • Goliath - (Upkeep: 4) - Heavy late-game tank that is the natural advancement of Longhorn. Once you pull these units out their superior health to cost efficiency and extremely high health, armor and penetration will give your army an edge over the enemy.
  • Gorgon - (Upkeep: 3) - Heavy late-game tank with a HAAT on its chassis that allows it to move along with your Goliath or Devastator to improve the bulk of your anti air compared to relying on Seeker and Flakker, which by that point of the match won't compete well against other enemy units.
  • Devastator - (Upkeep: 5) - Heavy late-game tank with highest upkeep to power efficiency, highest DPS, highest penetration. Everything below its tier bows before it once you have it on the field, being a powerful unit in late game to pressure the enemy with. It's analogous to the Silo as far as late game units go, both requiring Level 9 to build.

Stationary Units[]

Stationary units are completely immobile, usually able to rotate, and can be placed on sockets to heal themselves and double their combat abilities in the case of turret-style stationaries, or require a socket to function for utility-style stationaries. There are a high amount of varying stationaries with different uses, but usually specialize in a specific task.


All Turrets function when they are not on sockets, but receive bonuses when placed on one including damage, fire rate and a heal bonus. They are perfect for leveraging your defenses around centralized points and reinforcing a captured Outpost.

  • T45 - (Upkeep: 2) - A light defensive turret with extremely high efficiency of cost to health and build time. At 4500 cost, 3 seconds base build time and a very high salvage return ratio, these units can be pulled out quickly for defense. They outrange T99, Longhorn, Goliath and most standard units, so can be used to snipe neutrals early without taking damage or needing a dedicated long range unit.
  • T99 - (Upkeep: 3) - A heavier version of the T45 with the ability to fire at mechs with missiles as a secondary firing mode. While not as efficient, they can still be used as strong buffers in defensive lines to deter harassment of units while also defending with their own primary cannons. They are very powerful on a socket.
  • Gatty - (Upkeep: 2) - A minigun with extremely high DPS that scales down against heavier armor and cannot attack Buster from the front or Turtle from anywhere but the back. They are even good for offensive drops against outposts, as their extreme DPS allows them to clear at point blank. They are also good for defending against Butchers, which are potent when left unattended against.
  • Tesla Tower - (Upkeep: 2) - Fires an strike of electricity that surges through multiple enemies and applies stasis effect to all of them, increasing in total damage the more units are present. Perfect for defending against pushes.
  • Pepper - (Upkeep: 2) - Fires bursts of dumbfire rockets like a shotgun, with an EXTREME burst of damage at short range if all rockets hit, allowing multiples of them to shred units if left unattended. When destroyed it deals significant damage to surrounding units including friendly fire against allies. Range is high enough to be used as a form of artillery, but not recommended. Requires Level 4 to build.
  • Sentry Turret - (Upkeep: 1) - Anti-infantry turret. Acts as a tiny Gatty; has an arc similar to Archy and Pepper to be able to fire. Not very good in standard usage.


Artillery are a special type of Turret that take a very significant amount of time to acquire their targets via aiming while having a relatively high vision range. They fire splash damage shells that fly in an arc, but they cannot attack targets close to them. Like Turrets, Artillery gains some buffs when socketed.

  • Arty - (Upkeep: 1) - Artillery with less cost and carry mass than Archy making it easier to wield multiple early game, has high AoE splash damage and radius. Not recommended unless you know what you're doing as it will lose in a range battle against Archy.
  • Archy - (Upkeep: 1) - Slightly longer range and punch than Arty, deals more direct damage at the cost of splash. Usually the best choice for a standard army.
  • Bertha - (Upkeep: 4) - Very powerful artillery that can often kill a player if they aren't paying attention with the AoE of an Arty and range and power of an Archy. Requires Level 7 to build.


Anti-air turrets function as buffers for enemy mechs to harass, forcing players to be more cautious on where they go on the offensive. These units ONLY focus fire on AirMechs and air units such as Baloom, Hero and Vulcan.

  • Stinger - (Upkeep: 1) - EXTREMELY high efficiency anti-air unit that fires missiles at a consistent rate instead of in bursts like Seeker and T99 do. T45 and Stinger have about the same efficiency of cost to health and build time, the highest in the game.
  • HAAT - (Upkeep: 2) - Heavy anti-air turret with unavoidable flak weapons. These are best used against Bomber as Bomber benefits from being able to fly away from oncoming missiles. Requires Level 4 in game to build.


Support-type stationaries either heal or perform other duties that are a tactical advantage, but don't need to be socketed to be used still.

  • Aegis - (Upkeep: 2) - Missile-destroying laser system similar to some defense systems used in the real world. Great against Helix AtG (Air to Ground), but cannot keep up with missiles from too many bursts at a time.
  • Honeypot - (Upkeep: 3) - A repair stationary unit with the longest range and highest rate of healing of all healing units. It can be used in a socket to increase range and heal rate and function as a medic for your units, on and off socket. Only downside is it is immobile compared to others.


Socket Units only function while on a friendly pad. They give bonuses to you and your teammates, such as increased income, or unit cap.

  • Bot Spawner - (Upkeep: 2) - Spawns creeps that are the same as fortress creeps every 13 seconds compared to standard 20.
  • Generator - (Upkeep: 2) - Recharges energy of nearby Mechs and improves the energy regeneration significantly of an Outpost when socketed. Damages everything close to it including friendly fire when destroyed, can be used as a crude Bomb if that's not in your loadout.
  • Money Maker - (Upkeep: 1) - Generates credits at very small rate, pays for itself late into the match but forces you to sacrifice time and credits setting them which will clog up the build queue and leave your early pushes weaker.
  • Lunchbox - (Upkeep: 1) - Creates a shield around outposts and forts that applies Stasis to all Infantry that approach the field.
  • Whopper - (Upkeep: -3) Increases your maximum upkeep by 3 while socketed.
  • Dinger - (Upkeep: 3) - High cost, build time and upkeep but has the highest range of jamming of all Jamming type units. Built at Level 5. Due to a bug in current version, its jamming is extremely limited.
  • Missile Silo - (Upkeep: 2) - Launches Nukes onto markers placed by Mechs. Built at Level 9.

Credit boxes[]

Credit boxes generate interest at a rate of 1% every 10 seconds when on the ground, or 1% every 4 seconds when socketed. Income is not automatically acquired, instead a player must pick the box up and sell it, which will give the player the normal selling price plus interest, depending on how long it was on the field. These are the only units in the game that can be recycled for more than their full original price. It can also be used to transfer credits between teammates, or as the in-game description jokingly puts it, "an expensive wall".

  • Lockbox - (Upkeep: 1) - 5,000 credits.
  • Safebox - (Upkeep: 2) - 10,000 credits.
  • Vaultbox - (Upkeep: 3) - 20,000 credits.

There is also a special type of Lockbox that only appears in the maps Duel and Salt when spawning from an Elevator, which provides 6,000 credits instead of 5,000 and can be picked up by both teams or destroyed by your mech for significant XP.


Mines cannot move and may be disarmed by healing units and Roller. Light Mines and Heavy Mines have an arm time that is reset if a unit rolls over them before the arm time is completed. In contrast, Stasis Mines and Bear Traps do not have an arm time, but Stasis Mines still have a short period they need to wait to arm for their ability. Bomber's bombs ability CAN damage mines after repeated flyovers, but usually it's not worth the energy.

  • Bear Trap - (Upkeep: 1) - Traps infantry and does damage over time, cannot be shot but can be destroyed by repair units and melee.
  • Light Mine - (Upkeep: 1) - Short arming time and detonation, weak damage, very rarely used but very easy to set down and almost no consequences due to its low cost.
  • Heavy Mine - (Upkeep: 2) - Long arming time (10 seconds approximately). Can not be triggered by AirMechs or infantry. Zipper can be used as a cheap way to detonate these and keep your more valuable units secured, and when going at full speed is able to outrun the mine detonation and survive.
  • Stasis Mine - (Upkeep: 1) - Applies the Stasis effect to all units that enter its field, which link up to 2 other Stasis Mine. When a unit is not moving and in its field, it will not apply a continual Stasis effect and instead only do so when a unit moves over it. There is a bug that makes it so the field itself will not apply to vehicles in low quantities that don't pass over the mines itself but will apply to Infantry and mechs, while moving over the mine itself or having many units pass over the field will apply it to all of them that pass through.

Flying Units[]


Supportive flying units have no offensive capabilities, instead giving buffs to your units, such as healing or radar.

  • Hero - (Upkeep: 2) - Repair unit, only can heal AirMechs and cannot salvage.
  • Skyeye - (Upkeep: 1) - Provides a minimap radar in the area where it is stationed with a high range, very cheap and useful for keeping intel on the map.
  • Vacuum Scrapper - Wastelands Only - Follows pilot around picking up scraps and salvages destroyed units for salvage credits. Limit 4 at a time.


Offensive flying units do damage to the enemy AirMech and units in the area.

  • Baloom - (Upkeep: 3) - Seeking air mine that cannot be commanded, explodes upon contact with an enemy AirMech.
  • Vulcan - (Upkeep: 1) - A flying Warthog-style gatling gun with decent HP and the ability to be commanded. It cannot cross empty gaps in maps like Chasm as because they follow ground unit paths and there isnt a air path for them. Easy to kill (in late game) and hard to use, be warned. They can vaporize a fort from full hp to 0 if used in big masses, and even kill mechs that approach to much to them (when there is 15+ of them).

Mech Utility[]


Guardians are your own personal assistant in AirMech that orbit around you. Each provides one special benefit, albeit not a huge boost. To equit a guardian in-game, you need to build them and just deploy it, no matter where you are on the map: guardians will be in your mech after deployment. You can equip a maximum of 4. They cannot be destroyed my enemy mechs or unit damage (albeit you lose them after dying), but you can destroy them manually by simply pressing -B- (Self-Destruction).


Boltons attach to the AirMech directly, giving benefits.

  • Booster - (Upkeep: 1) - Drains energy, lost if the AirMech transforms or runs out of energy, increases air speed and carry capacity/speed.
  • Uber - Wastelands Only - Drastically increases the fire power of a Mech by enhancing one of their abilities or guns with a strong buff. These can only be found and built in Wastelands.

Ultimate Units[]

Ultimate units are cosmetic reskins of regular units, some of them grant a permanent XP/kudo boost to their owner.

In AirMech Wastelands, these units are much stronger than their regular variants.

Unit Variants[]

Unit variants are simply reskins of normal units. This is purely cosmetic and does not affect gameplay within AirMech Strike.

Within AirMech Wastelands, some of these units may have altered statistics however.

Unit Alternates[]

Unit Alternates may currently only be crafted using the Nanoforge and their corresponding plans. They are permanent variants. Unit Alternates that have been found in the old drop system had limited uses.

These units can not be bought from the shop, but could be found after any game as a result of the random drop system in stacks of 3 or 5 depending on unit type. Players may buy additional stacks for kudos or unlock it permanently for 270 Diamonds. Stacked items consume a (1) count each time they are used in a completed game; online or offline.

These units have altered statistics within AirMech Wastelands, but are treated the same as their basic counterpart units within AirMech Strike.


Aggressor units have weaker armour but a stronger attack. They go slower but have a farther range.


Cheap units are, well, cheaper to make. They have less armour and attack power, but are very economical.


Fine units are stronger and work better, but are expensive and take longer to build.


Heavy units are strong and have good armour, but weigh more and take longer to build.


Hellstorm units take longer to turn on their axis, but have a higher attack power. They take longer to build.


Hunter units attack faster but deal less damage.


Hyper units move faster and deal more damage, but they take more upkeep and have weak armor.


Rapid units attack quicker, but have less range.


Swift units take slightly longer to build, but they move faster.

Unbuildable Units[]

These units may appear on custom maps in AirMech Strike or in various missions within AirMech Wastelands. They are unusable unless abducted with a Saucer or resurrected using a Necro. They cannot be commanded after they are acquired. When recycled they give 0 credits.

  • Abduct Drone - Wastelands Only - Cannot be built under normal circumstances. A drone built in the fashion of a Saucer that hovers over units and applies a very small Abduct effect. When two of them are attempting to abduct the same unit they cancel each other out due to their collision boxes rather than stacking Abduct effects. When on your team, it will not follow commands and always head for the nearest enemy unit to abduct.
  • Bomber Drone - Wastelands Only - Cannot be built under normal circumstances. A drone built in the fashion of a Bomber that fires missiles and strafes units. When on your team, it will override orders with an Attack Fort command.
  • Creeps - Self-building and self-upgrading units that are created from Bot Spawners and fortresses.
  • Gemini-Goliath - A giant Gemini. Gains more power the longer it lives.
  • Iron Hand Walker - Wastelands Only - A giant 4-legged mech that can fire off lasers and missiles at multiple targets. Typically serves as a 'boss unit' within certain Wastelands missions. Also referred to as the Colossus.
  • Super Bertha - Larger, high powered Bertha.

Void Units[]

Void units are buffed versions of certain units that only appear in specific Warzones or custom matches. They are unusable unless abducted by a Saucer or resurrected by a Necro. When picked up by an AirMech they display a blank icon. Currently all void units share the description "This unit has been modified using VOID Technology".

  • Void Bucky - Bucky variant.
  • Void Brute - Brute variant.
  • Void Goliath - Goliath variant.
  • Void Infantry - Soldier variant.
  • Void Longhorn - Longhorn variant.
  • Void Vulcan - Vulcan variant.