With his clockwork mind, he is able to administer his army better than most, though his assembly lines could use tuning.


Slot: Pilot

Level Required: 10

Price: 1500 Kudos Kudos + Ticket

Availability: PAX Codes. Also via VIP Shop and PAX Crate (10% chance).

In-game Hotlink: Tycho


Originally Tycho was available exclusively through the PAX East 2012 promotion via PAX Promotional Cards. Later he was available for purchase to players which are Level 10 or higher during PAX Prime 2012 on September 1st, for only one day. Now it's available via PAX Crate and the VIP Shop.


Tycho is a Pilot for long games in which a larger unit cap is important as well as a larger credit cap, and the increased percentage in speed makes it a widely used Bomber and Neo Pilot. Though the 12% reduction in Build Speed is a huge disadvantage, this stat is widely overlooked and can be helped with the Chimney's Tooth or Totalbiscuit's Top Hat items.