This side-car equipped Zipper's speed is only mildly hindered by carrying an additional Runner. While fastened with an upgraded heavy plasma gun, the ejection system in this marsupial inspired motorbike does not function properly with the addition of a sidecar and consequently has only above average odds of the operator surviving still fit for combat, with an even more remote chance of passenger survival


The Tango is a light and fast unit, the fastest unit in the game along with the Zipper. The Tango can be rushed to an enemy outpost in order to neutralize it before defenses are built. It is a heavier version of the Zipper with increased survivability, but with a higher build cost.


  • Fast moving and spammable, works well as a distraction.
  • Has more health than Zipper.
  • Can spawn 2 Runners on death; useful for distraction and support.


  • Is very weak to anti-light units, and is susceptible to AoE.
  • Does very little damage to heavy units.

Good Loadouts

  • Can sort of function as both a light unit and infantry.
  • Good as a support unit


Tango has a 50% chance of spawning a Runner upon death, and another 50% chance of spawning a second Runner. Or 50% for one runner or 25% for two


  • During the Alpha version, it was called a Bike+Sidecar. 
  • It's name is probably a reference to the saying "it takes two to tango", referencing the fact that there are two runners in the bike.