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Light turret which can attack ground targets. They are quick to build as a trade off for damage and health.
Good against light infantry and vehicles, but weak against tanks and Airmechs.


The T45 is the basic Turret unit. It is a small and versatile Turret that can quickly burst down light units and infantry. Its somewhat low DPS and low health makes it ineffective against heavier tanks and turrets. It is a great defensive unit for quickly responding to enemy attacks.


  • High rate of fire allows them to quickly kill light units and infantry.
  • Has extremely fast build time, allowing them to be placed quickly in response to enemy harassment.
  • Gains +50% DPS if placed on a Socket
  • Outranges all the tanks types with 20 range.


  • Somewhat Fragile, and so can be destroyed quickly if not supported
  • Lacks the Anti-air function of the T99

Good Loadouts

  • Works well as a light socketed defense for your outposts and fortress while you focus on the mid fight.
  • Should be supplemented with Anti-Air to protect it from mech harassment.


The T45 Fires 4 shells per burst at ground units. This number is increased by 50% if the T45 is placed on a socket, allowing it to destroy a Longhorn by itself.

The T45 is often used as a drop defender. Due to it's rapid 3 second build time, it is faster to build than any Light Unit excluding Zipper. Its fast build rate yet surprisingly resilient armor can make it a great wall against enemy pushes, or a great defensive unit to defend against harassment. Build T45s in a pinch if an enemy is attacking your outpost and you don't have any units that can build fast enough.


  • As of Build 35567, T45s can no longer fire missiles.
  • After Build 18229, the T45 replaced the T99 as the default Turret unit.
  • When it was available in the Shop, it cost 650 Kudos, or 100 Diamonds.


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