Slot: Item

Kudos Price: 500 Kudos Kudos

Diamond Price: 90 Diamonds Diamonds icon

Availability: Shop during Earth Day Seasonal. VIP Shop all other times.

Alternates: Red Charm Bracelet

In-game hotlink: Sky Pearl Bracelet


Wearing this bracelet gives you confidence to win, and somehow, a 10% boost to Level Up HP Regen Bonus. Level Up HP Regen Bonus modifies the amount of HP regained when your AirMech levels up in a match. The funny thing is, even though this is a special once-a-year-only item, its normal counterpart, the Red Charm Bracelet , gives 5% Style, while this does not give a style boost.


Sky Pearl Bracelet 300 Kudos / 90 Diamonds icon
Sky Pearl Bracelet Crop b20718

Description: Sky Pearl Bracelet. EARTH DAY EXCLUSIVE

Wearing this gives confidence to win.


  • +10% Level Up HP Regen Bonus