The Shop tab has the following options. (from left to right)

  • My Inventory - listing all items the player currently owns, and that are not on the market. Results may be limited to a single class e.g. Helix AirMechs, Units or Cosmetics
  • Shop - See below
  • Player Market - An area for players to sell, buy and occasionally trade or scam others.

Beneath these options the player may also select

  • AirMech Prime - to purchase the Prime version of AirMech
  • Starter Pack - to purchase the Starter Pack if not already purchased inside AirMech
  • Featured - All time limited, on sale or other highlighted items e.g. diamond Booster Packs.

Within the actual Shop you may choose from 13 options. On the left you may select:

  • Back - go back to the Shop tab
  • Buy Diamonds - purchase diamonds in various amounts; 900, 2000, 4500, 10000, 16000, 42000 with larger amounts including other bonuses
  • Featured Items - look at Featured items as per the Featured option on the Shop tab
  • Code - enter an AirMech code if you have one.

While on the main panel you may select from:

  • Units - all units that are buyable
  • AirMechs - all airmechs and variants that are buyable
  • Ultimates - all "ultimate" i.e. overpowered versions of selected standard pilots and units.
  • Pilots - all pilots that are buyable
  • Parts - all parts that are buyable
  • Cosmetics - all cosmetics (flairs) and pets that are buyable
  • Boosts - place to buy boosts in 1,3,7,and 30 day units; the larger the day amount, the better the offer
  • Items - all items that are buyable
  • Other - Friend slots, Faction Charter, Diamond Roll, and other "use item"(s) appear here
  • Featured (various featured packs or items)

NB: VIP Shop items may only be seen within the Shop when looking if the player is in possession of one or more VIP Shop Tickets.

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