General Information
Type Infantry
Cost 500 Kudos
Acquistion Shop
Hotlink Sergeant
Base Statistics
Hit Points 360
Air DPS 61
Ground DPS 61
Speed 3.5
Upkeep 1
Weapon 30
Armor 40
Attack Range 14
Vision Range 12
Carry Weight 400
Build Time 3.2
Build Cost 1400
Rarity Common
Special Infantry that accepts orders. Up to 3 other nearby Infantry will automatically follow the Sergeant's current order.

The sergeant is a special Infantry that can accept commands. Furthermore, it allows up to 3 nearby Infantry units accept the same command which opens up several possible uses.


Sergeant can be effectively used to gather up to 3 Creeps and Infantry together for an Infantry Rush on Outposts and bases.


  • The Sergeant can team with boxers full of Creeps or Infantry.


  • Can be easily bombed.
  • When destroyed, the Infantry attached to it will disperse.

Good Loadouts

  • Sergeant is best used with an Infantry build because it excels at keeping infantry organized.


  • Many Sergeants in conjunction with infantry is a good strategy for the purposes of neutralizing defended or undefended outposts, if they are protected by anti-air units or undefended, as they can swarm a Mech in their way or a Bomber trying to kill the platoon.
  • Originally, Sergeants were used to command infantry units that couldn't be assigned orders. While units can still be commanded via Sergeant, all infantry (save for creeps) now accept orders directly from the player.


  • Sergeant gives a small healing bonus to infantry under its command.


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