An experienced field commander, Samson increases the effectiveness of units under his command. This sometimes comes at the expense of his own safety, but you don't get to be his age without being crafty and lucky.


Slot: Pilot

Price: 1500 Kudos Kudos

Availability: Shop

Alternates: Husky, Bill, ChimneySwift, Ultimate Samson

In-game Hotlink: Samson


Samson is a Unit man. If you are a Unit-centric Player then Samson is for you, with 8% of additional damage and armor to Units, your units can defeat enemy Units faster. He is preferred with either the Osprey to heal while your Units do most of the damage, or a Paladin to further increase the power of the army. Both a decrease in AirMech Damage Resistance and AirMech Attack Power hinder the capability of the player's AirMech to dogfight and survive.