Once restricted to only air targets, the SAM or "Surface to Air Missile" infantry unit has undergone dramatic improvements to it's firing system making it the "Surface to Anywhere Missile".
This infantry is strong against outposts and light units. Great for taking unguarded enemy outposts.


The SAM is the classic rocket infantry. It doesn't specialize in any particular fields, but is a solid infantry to take if you are looking for something more durable than a Soldier to take down heavy units and defend an outpost.


  • SAM has high damage and a high armor piercing value, making it effective against enemy tanks.
  • Can quickly neutralize an outpost no matter what infantry occupy it, and are light enough to be carried in groups of four.
  • Can provide a stop-gap between Standard Infantry, and powerful Level 4 Creeps
  • Effective against Airmechs; can provide useful Anti-air support.


  • An expensive infantry, and takes a while to build.
  • Not very well-armored for its price
  • Slow Movement speed

Good Loadouts

  • Great synergy with Boxer
  • Popular choice with Sergeant
  • Works well as support in a general, tank-heavy loadout


Many people overlook the SAM and instead choose fancier specialized infantry, but the SAM is easy to use and is very effective for everything you would want an infantry unit to do such as holding down a critical outpost from creep skirmishes or to put more pressure on the enemy opposition when funds for tougher units are low.

Also having SAMs garrisoned inside Boxer will allow them to arrive at an enemy outpost unharmed making them fairly decent shock troopers.


  • During Alpha, it was called "Missile Infantry".


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