Using the standard Soldier chassis as a base, this modified infantry unit is equipped with a jetpack which allows it to fly to its targets. But it can still land and capture enemy buildings like a normal infantry unit. It can be assigned orders if needed.


The Rocketeer is a flying infantry that flies to its target, avoiding obstacles and ground units. It can shoot while flying and can only be damaged from the air. Once it reaches an outpost, it lands and shoots.


  • Rocketeer can fly over cliffs, chasms, units and outposts which makes it the most mobile infantry.
  • It can only be targeted by anti-air units like HAAT or Flakker while flying.


  • Has a low damage output, making it only effective in large groups.
  • Not good for occupying outposts.
  • Vulnerable to units that can still target air units such as infantry and Jackals.

Good Loadouts

  • Works well in an air units loadout.
  • Best used on maps with large gaps or cliffs such as Sandrim or Crater.


  • Rocketeers work best in groups and can quickly fly to the enemy base and do major damage if left alone by the enemy.
  • Rocketeers can be useful in punishing players who do not generate enough anti-air, or force players to overcommit to anti-air units and get overwhelmed by ground forces.
  • This unit is not in Xbox one


  • The Rocketeer is the first flying unit to be released


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