Raven is a second-generation Pilot, coming from a clan of expert navigators and scouts. Swift and agile with a tendency toward antagonism, she fights like the wind and is equally hard to catch.


Slot: Pilot

Price: 300 Kudos Kudos

Availability: Shop

In-game Hotlink: Raven


Raven is a pilot that specializes in speed both on the ground and in the air. Although she takes more damage than other pilots, you can quickly escape from danger when you get low health. Raven is generally used by more experienced players because she is hard to use effectively.


  • Provides a large speed boost, making it easy to scout and harass without being chased and shot down.
  • Works well on large maps because you can respond to situations quickly.


  • Takes more damage, so is unable to soak very much damage before having to heal.
  • Can be difficult to micro properly with the added air speed.

Good Loadouts

  • Works well with mechs that focus on speed, harassment and scouting such as the Neo and Saucer.
  • Raven can speed up slow mechs to make them more versatile, such as Warthog and Paladin.


Raven is a speed demon. Useful if you like to cap Outposts with speed, but don't expect to soak up lots of damage with that 10% decrease in damage resistance. She's a good CTF Pilot but with the armor reduction, she might not survive long. However, she may be good for those who know how to control their AirMech as this speed can also help to provide you quick escapes, especially with slow AirMechs like the Warthog.