An advanced repair vehicle that is built on a tank chassis! This is a tough mobile healer that is good behind tank lines and with large pushes. Can also disarm enemy mines.


The Ratchet is a heavily armored repair unit. The Ratchet lacks in speed but it makes up for it with its high healing rate and durability on the battlefield. It is great for healing units efficiently on the frontlines, as it can take some hits. It can also follow along tanks during an aggressive push to repair damaged units and salvage remains.


  • Higher repair rate than Patcher.
  • Has high health and armor, allowing it to survive longer on the battlefield.


  • Has a high build cost and build time, making it inflexible in times of need.
  • Its slow movement speed slows down pushes with faster units.

Good Loadouts


Unlike the Patcher the Ratchet is a heavily armored repair unit. Giving up speed allows it to have a better repair rate as well as more durability, albeit at the cost of greater support. Best suited for tank charges, the Ratchet excels at keeping your Longhorns or Goliaths in the fray without being destroyed by the AoE of a Boomer. Has a chance to spawn a Fixer upon death.


  • During the Alpha version, it was called a Supply Tank.