Unmanned and unarmed, this basic system control droid is programmed for one purpose: blitzing undefended neutral outposts and capturing them. It literally has no other skills.


The Probe is a fast-building, speedy infantry unit that has cannot attack and is very weakly armored. It's main purpose is to quickly capture neutralized outposts, or distract enemy forces. It has very little survivability, and is meant to be quickly replaced once the outpost is secured.


  • Probe has one of the highest speeds of any unit.
  • Can be quickly built and deployed to maintain control of a contested outpost.
  • Fast build time and speed makes them useful as distractions.


  • Has no damage capabilities, and is quickly killed by almost anything.
  • Usually is ineffective at penetrating defenses, and dies quickly once inside the outpost.
  • Cannot be placed on Outpost bunkers, unlike other Infantry units

Good Loadouts

  • Useful as a failsafe against outpost harassment.
  • Useful alongside Faster Light units.


While often regarded as hilariously useless, the Probe can actually be very effective if used correctly. Its rapid 0.8 second build time makes it the fastest-building units in the game, which can serve a good deal of functions that other units may not be able to accomplish.

On defense, the probe can be used to stall the enemy when an outpost is under siege. The fast build speed means you can deploy probes to refill outpost slots faster than the enemy may be able to destroy them, buying you a lot of time if you have defending units available to push back the enemy.

On offense, Probes can be used to quickly capture an outpost before the enemy can respond with infantry of their own. And, like above, if your newly captured outpost comes under siege from the enemy, you can quickly build and deploy probes into your post to buy you some time.

The rapid build time makes probes useful for outpost harassment, too. Other infantry take longer to build and might jeopardize your harass if not timed properly. With probes, you can quickly flush out 4 and quickly cap the enemy post under the enemy's nose without having to build up on slower infantry, or having to scour the map to find some allied creeps.

An idea to take forward here is to eventually replace them with stronger infantry that are able to fight back. A simple way to do this is to place Creeps or other infantry on the outpost bunkers, and those infantry will replace the probes shall they be killed off. Additionally, Light, quick-to-build units such as Jackal or T45 may be useful to pack, so you can place down light but effective defense very quickly after a post is captured, allowing you to offset the zero-damage of the Probes in your outpost.


  • In patch 14686, the Probe was accidentally given 10 DPS vs ground.
  • Many players jokingly refer to the probe as the "most OP unit in the game", the obvious joke being that the probe can deal no damage.


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