Petros is the sole survivor of a post-War community ravaged by bandits who overwhelmed their meager defenses. Vowing never to let such a terrible act repeat itself, he focuses on securing and holding the territories under his control.


Slot: Pilot

Level Required: 6

Price: 600 Kudos Kudos

Availability: Shop

In-game Hotlink: Petros


Petros's stats in general, increase survivability. Ground Speed promotes the player to chase down enemies or escape them with less risk on foot. The AirMech Damage Resistance increase encourages the player to be in slightly more aggressive situations knowing that he/she may have a slightly better chance of escape or wreaking more havoc. Because the Auto-Repair Rate is much higher, in certain situations where the player can't fly to his/her outpost/fortress, it is more viable to heal by standing still. Petros may be seen as effective with Bomber.