A basic repair vehicle that fixes up nearby damaged units. Can also disarm nearby enemy mines.


The Patcher is a light vehicle repair unit. The Patcher lacks in health and armor but it makes up for those drawbacks by being cheap and quick to build. It is great for healing units efficiently when you are in a hurry, or for salvaging after a battle.


  • Fast moving and spammable, works well as a cheap support unit to follow your units into battle.


  • Is very weak to anti-light units, and is susceptible to AoE.
  • Has less range and repair than other Repair units.

Good Loadouts

  • Place near Turrets like the T45, T99 and the HAAT so they can keep on defending while the patcher repairs them.


The Patcher is the mobile equivalent of the Honeypot. Although it lacks the armor of the Ratchet it has higher mobility allowing it to follow up with Bucky assaults or to follow behind some of the faster tanks like the Armadillo. It has a chance to spawn a Fixer upon death.


  • During the Alpha version, it was called a Supply Truck.
  • It was previously a Default Unit.