AirMech Wiki

Parts, originally used to make AirMechs in Strike, are now a vital part of the AirMech campaign game, Wastelands and therefore, is only applicable to Wastelands gameplay.


Parts are found as a drop in-game and in the shops across the Wastelands map and are also given with AirMech Prime and Beta Bundle. Parts are used to customise your AirMech. Each AirMech has 15 Part slots: a Core slot, an Engine slot, a Helmet slot, a Torso slot, a Servos slot, a Legs slot, a Command Module slot, a Hull slot, a primary Weapon slot, two secondary Weapon slots, two Structural slots and two Special slots. The Core and Engine slots are always used, the other slots do not have to be used, it depends on whether you chose Parts for those slots or not. As each AirMech comes with a Default Power Core and a Standard Engine equipped, which don't modify any stats, the Parts system can be completely ignored. Each Part has a certain level requirement and therefore limits the power of the mech until it levels up. Leveling up a mech enables it to equip higher level parts.

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