Outposts are those buildings scattered around the map which may be captured. Some are owned by players at the start of the game, but most are neutral and can be captured using infantry units. Outposts are protected by infantry (often Brutes), which have replaced the Bulbs since build 19123. The infantry in the Outposts have similar benefits to those bunkered in them. In order to capture an Outpost, all four infantry units have to be destroyed, and four of your infantry sent in to replace them.

Just like the Fortress, the player can repair and refuel their AirMech over an outpost, as well as pick up any units built in the queue. However, like the Fortress, Outposts have to recharge their resources, and they can't store as much as the Fortress. They start at zero resources when first captured, and recharge over time, though they can be depleted again. Most Outposts also have sockets into which certain units may be placed.

Instead, if a team can maintain control of all outposts long enough it inflicts Domination Damage on the opposing enemies Fortress.

Outpost typesEdit

There are three different types of Outposts, and two versions of the generic. Factories and Power Stations impart tactical benefits to the controlling team. Benefits stack so owning multiple Outposts of the same time can provide a large advantage.

Generic OutpostEdit


A generic outpost occupied by Creeps

A defensive structure into which infantry or other units can usually be bunkered. It provides healing and refueling to AirMechs, energy permitting, stores built units awaiting deployment, and most have sockets attached. Generic Outposts give 60 credits per second and provide 11 upkeep plus 2 per teammate.

Bunkerless Outpost

An outpost without bunkers

A variation of the generic outpost, such as those nearby Crater fortresses, does not possess bunkers for garrisoning units, making them somewhat more difficult to defend.



These Outposts provide a stackable reduction to unit build time of 20%. Factories give 45 credits per second and provide 11 upkeep plus 2 per teammate

Power StationsEdit

Power Station

Power Stations supply a reduced quantity of credits, a mere 30 per second, but provide 17 upkeep plus 3 per teammate.

More Outpost TypesEdit

More Outpost types have been hinted at by the developers for the future.


  • As of build 12491, infantry can be 'bunkered' in Outposts. Bunkered infantry are slowly healed. Infantry in the Outpost gain similar benefits.
  • Outposts can be walked on with the clever use of the Striker's power sword ability.
  • As of build 47851, the arm can be disabled.
  • Outposts used to also play a role in Overtime. When a game went past the 25 minute mark (OT2) and neither Fortress was destroyed, Fortresses started to take damage over time. The damage was calculated as such: 50/sec* the number of Outposts the enemy owns / the total number of Outposts on the map. Therefore the total and maximum damage a Fortress could take is 50, and that is only if the enemy owned every Outpost on the map. As of late 2013, this is no longer the case, as the Domination Damage mechanic took its place.