Natasha left the relative comfort of the few remaining cities to seek adventure in the Wastes for reasons unknown. She moves fast and hits hard, exhibiting an artful ferocity.


Slot: Pilot

Availability: Shop

Alternates: Scoutmaster, Nicholai

In-game Hotlink: Natasha


Natasha is effective as a Mech-centric pilot, giving bonues to speed and firepower at the expense of Unit production and carying abilities.

  • Fast moving and easy to use, works well as a fast and hard-hittiing pilot, useful for hit-and-run attacks or speedy support
  • A generally decent fighter.


  • Is unable to build units quickly.
  • Cannot carry units as efficiently as other pilots may be able to.

Good Loadouts

  • Works with loadouts that do not require a fast build speed, so not aggressive builds.
  • Is great for dogfighting and scouting mechs such as Striker and Neo due to Natasha's air dominance.


Natasha provides increased Attack Power and extra Air Speed, which gives her speed as well as firepower. Benefiting herself and her mech while leaving little for army management.


  • Natasha was once a default starter pilot and had a max build queue of 3.