The Nano-forge was added in Build 22342 with the intention of being able to craft certain things with proper combinations.

To begin crafting go to the "Info" tab and type "/nanoforge" or "/forge" to open Nanoforge window. It can also be opened from Inventory by right clicking Nanoforge and select "Use Item". Nanoforge will open with nine available crafting slots where ordering of ingredients does not matter. Drag items from Inventory into the slots and click "Check Recipe" to see if the combination is valid before forging. For large inventories search function is helpful.

Nanoforge can be purchased from the Valley Low Depot Shop in AirMech Wastelands. To craft everything, it is highly suggested to make Scrapper and Gold Plater. The Nanoforge, Scrapper, Scissors, and Gold Plater are permanent tools where they are not consumed in crafting.

Current Recipes:Edit



For breaking things down or doing destructive type operations, you need a Scrapper device. It usually goes in the Nanoforge along with the other bits, and usually survives.

In: Grinder + Bear Trap + Harmonic Blades
Out: Scrapper



Need to cut up pages or other delicate things? You'll need some Scissors. They cannot be traded (who wants to use someone else's scissors?) and are generally not consumed, and easy to make.

In: Assassin + Scrap x3
Out: Scissors



Bits and pieces so small you can't even tell where it came from. Maybe you can make something useful with it?

In: [Most Things] + Scrapper
Out: Some Scrap + Scrapper

Fine Scrap

Fine Scrap

Reinforced scrap that you might be able to find in heavy machinery.

In: Scrap x3
Out: Fine Scrap



This stuff is extra durable, and is only used in the highest quality instruments.

In: Fine Scrap x3 or Scrap x9
Out: Alloy

Reindeer Skull

Reindeer skull

This is a fun example of taking something from our holiday event and crafting a reward you can only get with the Nanoforge! Keep it for yourself, or make more and sell them for a nice profit.

In: Reindeer Mask + Any Skull + Flamer
Out: Reindeer Skull

Unicorn Head

Unicorn head

Unicorns don't really exist, do they? Well, with some creative surgery and Science(tm), we can try to make one!

Gold Plating


Some things can be gold plated. It's a very small test group right now (Football Helmet, Dragon Mask and TB's Top Hat) and we need a better way to make it more general.

In: Gold Plater + 30 Day Gold VIP Cube + Item
Out: Gold Plater + Gold Plated Item

Remove Gold Plating


For those who don't like to wear the jewels of kings.

In: Gold Plater + Scrap + Item
Out: Gold Plater + De-Gold Plated Item

Convert Gold VIP Time to Cube


Time is Money.

In: Scrap + Gold Plater + Extra Gold VIP Time
Out: Gold Plater + 7 Day Gold VIP Cube

Merge Gold VIP Cubes

Gold Cube 30

For converting your cubes into more cubes.

Split Gold VIP Cubes

Gold Cube 7

For converting your cubes into more cubes.

Book of Tax Avoidance

Book of Tax Avoidance Crop

Books are knowledge.

Book of Tax Havens

Book of Tax Havens Crop

Books are knowledge.

Book of Econ 2

Book 2 Crop

Books are knowledge.

In: Book of Econ 1 x3 + Scissors + Book Glue
Out: Book of Econ 2

Book of Econ 3

Book of Econ 3 cropped

Books are knowledge.

In: Book of Econ 2 x3 + Scissors + Book Glue
Out: Book of Econ 3

Festive Present 1


If you are good this year the Nanoforge will bring you presents.

In: Unique Presents x3 + Scissors + Book Glue
Out: Festive Present 1

Festive Present 2


If you are good this year the Nanoforge will bring you presents.

Festive Present 3


If you are good this year the Nanoforge will bring you presents.

Carbon Powder

Carbon Powder

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust...

In: Flamer + (Core Pilot)
Out: Flamer + Carbon Powder

Mooncake Box

Mooncake Box

Celebrate the Moon Festival with this exclusive Mooncake Box Pet!

Candy Contrails

Candy Contrails

Halloween special! Put some candy in a container, hook it up to an activator, and strap it to your AirMech somewhere! Because logic OP.

In: 3x Candy + Unstable Crystal + Fine Scrap + Glass Canister
Out: Candy Contrails

Candy Exhaust

Candy Exhaust

Halloween special! Who wants candy to fly out of their butt? The real question is who doesn't. A little hacky engineering and you too can experience the magic.

In: 3x Candy + Advanced Engine + Alloy + Glass Canister
Out: Candy Exhaust

Fat Bat

Fat Bat

Halloween special! Did you think this was an actual species of bat? Of course not--it's just a normal vampire bat rehabilitated to feed off of...candy? Poor little guy seems to have a hard time flying...

In: 5x Candy + Vampire Bat
Out: Fat Bat

Gold Plater


You need one of these to do most operations involving Gold things.

In: 30 Day Gold VIP Cube x2 + Necro + Ratchet + Scales of Justice +scrap x2
Out: Gold Plater

Normal Capsule

Normal capsule

This looks a bit like the Rare Capsule, but plainer. It contains a random, currently available Kudos purchased unit (or maybe item? I forget). Definitely not an amazing thing for high level players, but fun for lower levels. The Fixer and Necro combine forces to gut the poor little Probe, and randomly assemble something inside his hollowed out husk. It's not creepy because they're robots!

In: Necro + Fixer + Probe + Scrap x3
Out: Necro + Fixer + Normal Capsule

Unified Higgs


This is it! It doesn't provide much stat modification, but is likely the mechanism by which your AirMech and all your stuff acquire mass.


PAX Key Crop

Place a Key, a Grinder, 3 Scrap, and a Flamer inside of a Vaultbox, then carefully lower it into the Nanoforge. When forged, the Flamer will heat the Vaultbox to extreme temperatures while the Grinder reshapes the molten hot Key and Scrap pieces into 3 PAX Keys. The Grinder, with it's incredible armor, survives the intense heat and drills it's way out of the Safebox.

In: Key + Flamer + Grinder + Vaultbox + 3 Scrap
Out: 3 PAX Keys + Flamer + Grinder

Ultimate Brute

Ultimate Brute

Ultimate Brute will no longer be sold in the Game Shop. Instead, we'll let players make and sell them on the Player Market.

Enhanced Scope


Specialized part to help the Angel aim it's sniper rifle.

Bird Frame


"This mechanical Bird Frame and skeletal structure looks like it could serve as the basis for an avian companion."

In: 8 Chips + Alloy
Out: Bird Frame

Void AirMech

Void Warthog

Void AirMech skin. 1/9 required to get the Void badge.

In: BlackOps or Gothic AirMech Skin + Carbon Powder + Alloy + 3x VIP Shop Ticket
Out: Void Skin

Skeleton Key

Skeleton key crop

Place a Key then skull on top of it melt them and they will merge together.

In: Key + Any Skull
Out: Skeleton Key

Solar System

Solar system crop

A special pet modeled after our Solar System. Located in the Milky Way Galaxy, our Solar System contains the Sun, the four inner planets, the asteroid belt, the four outer planets, and the Kuiper Belt. Sorry, it's not to scale or painted.

In: Unique Planets x9
Out: Solar System

Cardinal Bird

Cardinal Bird crop

In: Bird Frame + Chip x5 + Red Paint
Out: Cardinal Bird


Parakeet crop

While not normally a vicious Bird of Prey, this friendly little Parakeet is your reward for facing down hordes of enemies with your friends in Coop.

In: Bird Frame + Chip x5 + Green Paint
Out: Parakeet

MeMo Pad

MeMo Pad

Use this notepad to keep track of your kills, up to 10.

In: Unique Full Force Cards x5 + Book Glue
Out: MeMo Pad
Kettle Corn


In: Unique Greatest Matches Cards x8
Out: Kettle Corn
Void Tracers


External attenuators crafted using Void technology. Doesn't affect damage, but gives your Airmech tracers a perfect black appearance with a sihouette that simmers and glows color

In: Any tracers + Any Void plans + VIP Shop Ticket
Out: Void Tracers
Void Skull


Crafted using Void Technology,this customized Skull has a perfect blackappeaance with a silhouette that shimmers and glows with pilot's team color. +66 Darkness

In: Any Skull + Carbon Powder + Any void plan + 2x VIP Shop Ticket
Out: Void Skull


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