Raised in the Wasteland where power is as crucial as food and water, Mako specializes in squeezing extra juice out of his AirMech. His skill allows him to have longer staying power in the heat of battle.


Slot: Pilot

Price: 300 Kudos Kudos

Availability: Shop, Quests

In-game Hotlink: Mako


Mako is a pilot who specializes in armor and flying. He is the best pilot for increasing your mech's damage resistance, and also provides the most flight energy efficiency, allowing you to fly long distances without recharging your energy.


  • Provides a large resistance, allowing you to take more damage while shooting units and mechs.
  • Can fly for long distances, although at a lower air speed.


  • Has slower air speed, meaning it takes longer to react to situations and move around on large maps.

Good Loadouts

  • Works well with mechs who fly for long periods without recharging, and who want to be able to survive more damage.
  • The Warthog has synergy with Mako, providing more time to fire down at ground units while emphasizing it's durability in air-to-air combat.


Mako is a Pilot with high fuel efficiency and armor, best suited for the Helix whose missiles eat up lots of energy. Don't expect to be moving fast because of the 8% decrease in Air Speed which might hinder your chances of capturing Outposts quickly. Despite his slow and defensive focus, Mako has merits with a Neo. For players who have trouble controlling the mech, he makes the speed more manageable, and the +15% extra armor somewhat compensates for its lack of survivability.