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The Paladin is the slowest AirMech and has the highest carry capacity. The Paladin works as a support AirMech, buffing friendly units. It takes 50% less damage from the front. The Paladin can switch between three types of Auras which are upgraded separately. While in the air, keeping the Auras active requires fuel; however, while on the ground, the Aura consumes no fuel and is active at all times. Its second ability, Hammer Throw, can inflict a stasis effect and can deal damage to multiple targets. Since it returns back to the Paladin, it inflicts its damage twice. 

The Paladin is an unit-focused AirMech and usually is near units to make them more powerful. The Hammer Throw ability can weaken enemy units with the stasis effect. The Paladin requires quite some skill to use so that it switches between Auras efficiently. 

Ability UsageEdit

The Hammer Throw can be used to stasis enemy AirMechs and units; note that Hammer Throw will temporarily disable your front shield and prevent you from transforming.  Improper use of the Hammer Throw can thus be worse for you than it is for the enemy.

Loadout BuildsEdit



The Paladin is very tanky. As one might imagine, significant amounts of AA are required to completely destroy one. While one may be tempted to spam anti-air units within your army, doing so is not effective in the long run. The tankieness of Paladin will allow it to absorb many shots before it must retreat and, as such, extraordinarily large amounts of AA need to be built to directly counteract a Paladin, thus weakening the ground tank potential of your army.

Paladin deals very low amounts of damage with guns, so a healthy dosage of healing units to compliment your anti-air is advised. Paladin's Hammer Throw may pose a treat however, as the hammer can hit multiple units at once. If a Paladin insists on using the hammer, try spreading your units out, making sure that anti-air is close to the front, but hidden behind a tank or two.

Often times, Paladins attack with units in tow, typically Busters or Longhorns, and use them to deal damage to your units while tanking in all the damage thrown in defense. It is best to take the units out with your Mech and defense dropped units, rather than focus on the Paladin itself.

It is best to place a few strong AA units , but not over-mass them. Good units to fight Paladin are Seeker, HAAT, and T99.

Flakkers are not advised, as their damage abilities are very low.

Take advantage of the Paladin's very low speed, and attack undefended outposts before the Paladin can respond.

Be mindful to keep your own outposts protected. The high health and armor of the Paladin makes shooing one out of an outpost rush very difficult. Instead of finding ways to kill the Paladin straight out, find out ways to damage the Paladin over a span of time, but limit his damage potential. A good way to do this is to place T45, T99, or light tanks around your outpost, at the same time, placing infantry in the bunker slots on the sides of your outpost to make it take longer for the Paladin to neutralize your post. Be sure to keep additional infantry in your queue, to replace any lost to the Paladin. Also make sure to move around and heal your defending units, to prevent the Paladin from removing them.

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