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AirMech Strategy Quests Variants


BlackOps Angel
COST: 900 Diamonds icon.png
AVAILABILITY: Shop, BlackOps Capsule
Blackops angel.png
This Angel has been modified for covert operations. Technically no longer useful because of current technology, it was once a stealthy assassin for a pre-War government.

Festive Angel
COST: 1200 Diamonds icon.png
AVAILABILITY: Shop during Holiday, Winter Crate
Angel elf.png

Designed to look like one of Santa's helpers, the festive angel variant can be seen spreading the holiday cheer to all the good boys and girls. but be careful! if you are on Santa's naughty list, it wont be presents that get fired at your AirMech.

Gothic Angel
COST: 1665 Diamonds icon.png
AVAILABILITY: Shop, Gothic Crate
The Gothic Angel appears on the battlefield as a dark knight of death! Vicious spikes and a giant horned helmet inspire fear and awe as it annihilates enemies in its way.

Recon Angel
COST: 900 Diamonds icon.png
Angel recon.jpg
Recon Angel. This modified Angel resembles a fighter jet of an age past. It's common for owners very attached to their AirMechs to make these kind of custom changes.

Sakura Angel
COST: 1450 Diamonds icon.png
AVAILABILITY: Shop, Spring Crate
Angle sakura.png
Sakura Angel! Named for the pink flower, this was definitely not designed for any kind of stealth missions. In fact it was an elaborate prop for a live action animated series sometime before the war. All they had to do was fit live weapons back onto it and now it's ready for combat! Anyone using a bright design like this must know they will get attention, so definitely be cautious as the owner must know how to handle it...

Shark Angel
COST: 1250 Diamonds icon.png
This modified Angel takes on a unique, aggressive stance. It's common for owners attached to their AirMechs to make these kinds of custom changes.

Steampunk Angel
COST: 1665 Diamonds icon.png
AVAILABILITY: Shop, Steampunk Capsule
Angel Steampunk.png
Steampunk Angel!

Although it has the same combat attributes of the standard Angel, this AirMech has been heavily customized and re-engineered to be powered by high-pressure steam! Salvaged without a power core, engineers did what they could to supply it with this amazing alternate power source.

Void Angel
AVAILABILITY: Nanoforge, Void Walker Crate, Void Capsule
Void Angel.png
Heart of the Void! The modified power source of this AirMech gives it a perfect black appearance with a silhouette that shimmers and glows with the pilot's team color. These variants can only be crafted by the Nanoforge.