This stationary box will create a shield around any team-owned building when placed on a socket, as well as all other socketed units. Lunchbox units will also create a small stasis field that slows down approaching enemy infantry. Be careful of enemies harassing these units!


The Lunchbox is a fortress shield socket unit. This unit will provide a regenerating shield of excess health to your fortress. This is not permanent health, however, and will be lost if your lunchbox is destroyed. If placed on an outpost socket, this unit increases the health regeneration of the residing infantry, and provides a shield to the outpost.


  • Provides a shield buffer to your fortress' current health, equaling roughly 7% of the total health.
  • Provides a rechargable shield to outposts, and increases health regeneration for Bunkered Infantry.


  • Shield Health does not stack with additional Lunchboxes
  • Has low Health, and so can be easily harassed

Good Loadouts

  • The Lunchbox is a must have for any defensive style and highly valueable in pvp matches.
  • Useful to prevent Harassment and fort drop attrition.


Lunchbox provides a regenerating 1680 HP Fortress shield (7% of the fortress). When attached to an Outpost, it gives a shield to the outpost, increases health regeneration of any infantry currently inside, and slows down attacking infantry. the Lunchbox will only regenerate the fortress' health when neither it or the fortress is currently taking damage.

Having multiple Lunchboxes Socketed onto the fortress will only cause the health to regen faster, and will not raise the amount of health that can be regenerated.