Great middle class tank. Deals substantial damage when massed. Cannot fire at airborne targets. Weak from the rear.


The Longhorn is the generic tank equipped with powerful weapons and heavy armor. It is a great all-purpose unit that can be used to defend Outposts or lead pushes.


  • Longhorn have a high weapon rating and high damage, allowing it to deal large amounts of damage to all types of units.
  • It's relatively high HP to build cost ratio makes it efficient for pushing into enemy defenses.
  • Easier to manage than lighter tanks or units, due to larger size
  • Very effective in large numbers
  • Lacks any sort of Counter

Good Loadouts

  • Longhorn works best in loadouts consisting of lighter units and Anti-Air to protect them from infantry and enemy AirMechs.
  • Longhorn have increased survivability with support from damage soakers such as Roller, Grinder, Butcher, and Repair units.
  • A General-purpose tank.


The Longhorn is your Generic Medium Tank. Effective against enemy armor, and powerfull in large numbers. The mainline as well as the linebacker are roles the Longhorn can fill quite effectively. The Longhorn provides respectable ground-based firepower at a far lower cost than the Goliath. Their main weaknesses are their slow reaction and movement speed, and their lack of Anti-Air capabilities, but the latter is usually overcome by superior numbers.

A tank's role in combat is pretty self-explanatory. Their job is to dish out as well as take massive quantities of damage, even when attacked from the rear, a tank will take a decent amount of time to destroy. For this reason is it effective to simply mass a large quantity of Tanks, and send them directly to the nearest outpost, or even to the enemy fortress for a hard-to-counter win.


  • During the Alpha version, it was called a Medium Tank.


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