An explosive device with a short trigger that can be used to destroy light to medium units. Can be disabled by healer units.


The Light Mine is a consumable unit that is placed on the ground and explodes when it driven over, dealing damage to all enemy units surrounding it. It takes 1.5 seconds to arm, and cannot be triggered by infantry or Airmechs.


  • Can quickly destroy a rush of light units or infantry.
  • Is very cost effective and not easily dealt with.


  • Does minimal damage to armored units.
  • Must be placed defensively in an area that will be trafficked by enemy units.
  • Can be disarmed and destroyed by mechs and healing units.

Good Loadouts

  • Is best used in team games to stop or destroy an enemy infantry push.
  • Can be used in any loadout that plays defensively and anticipates being pushed against, or swarms of light units.


An effective strategy is to stack these mines up in the same exact location. The burst damage will add up, and a stack of 4 can destroy or critically maim a Longhorn tank. Do note that any healing unit or an Osprey Airmech can deactivate the landmines.

These landmines can also be placed in the "doorsteps" of outposts. You can use this tactic to bust up a few numbers of enemy creeps trying to take an outpost. In some maps, creeps may walk through an outpost via the doorsteps. An effective strategy is to deploy landmines there to diminish their numbers. This tactic also allows you to make sure that an enemy outpost under attack cannot get replenished with infantry without sacrifices.