Slot: Misc.

Kudos price: N/A Kudos Kudos

Diamond price: 400 Diamonds Diamonds icon

Availability: Shop

Alternate: Key (3 Pack), Key (10 Pack), PAX Key, Skeleton Key

In-game hotlink: Key


Regular Keys open all the Crates listed below with the chance of finding a particular item listed on the Crates' description:

Keys can be purchased 1 by 1 for convenience, in Key Pack of 3, or in a Key (10 Pack). Regular Keys are not to be confused with PAX Key which only open PAX Crates, or Skeleton Key which only opens Pirate Crate.


Key N/A Kudos / 400 Diamonds icon
Key Crop

Description: Key.

Normal in appearance, these keys are actually remarkably sophisticated. Every Key contains a unique microchip which self-terminates with a successful unlock. Designed to limit the impact of someone who might otherwise be able to unlock everything with a single master key.


  • This is a Consumable item


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