Husky. In staying true to his Real Time Strategy roots, Husky focuses on increasing the durability of his ground forces in exchange for AirMech viability.


Slot: Pilot

Price: 1000 Kudos Kudos

Availability: Shop

Alternates: Samson, Bill, ChimneySwift

In-game Hotlink: Husky


This Pilot was created as a reward of HuskyStarcraft for 500 Referrals that reached Level 10. Husky is a well known Starcraft 2 caster on Youtube, with a considerable number of following loyal Husketeers.


Husky is a unit-centric Pilot like Samson. He improves his team's unit's armor and DPS for 8% each. His own Mech is weaker and does less damage, so he's best played with Osprey to heal units while they are dealing damage.


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