Stationary healer unit.When socketed, this healer class unit will gain increased range and armor, making it very hard to destroy. Not recommended for use off socket.


The Honeypot is a repair turret unit. This unit has the most repair of any support unit, and is therefore the most effective at keeping your units alive on the battlefield. However, the Honeypot is a stationary unit, and works most effectively when placed on a socket, as it has an increased healing range.


  • Has the most healing of any repair unit.
  • Has the longest healing range when on a socket.
  • Is very hard to kill because of its high health and armor.


  • Is a turret, so cannot follow units during a push.
  • IS a very costly support unit, and its high carry weight makes it difficult to micro.

Good Loadouts

  • Place near Turrets like the T45, T99 and the HAAT so they can keep on defending while the Honeypot repairs them.
  • Is best for strategies that don't rely on pushing, but instead slowly advances with Artillery and micro.


Although it is immobile it packs moderate health and a high healing rate. When off of a socket the healing radius is minimal and only useful for defense lines or choke points. While on a socket, a single Honeypot can rapidly repair an entire force guarding an outpost.

Due to its high cost and immobility, along with its low off-socket range, it is best to either place this on a node in an outpost. It is also strong in tight, fortified lines. As an immobile unit, it is capable of forming walls that enemy units cannot push through, this makes it especially useful for Survival and defending thin choke points.


  • During the Alpha version, it was called the Base Repair Pod.
  • As of patch 18949, the Honeypot can heal units while off a socket/pad, albeit with reduced healing range.