An explosive device with a longer trigger time than a Light Mine, but deals a lot more damage. A Heavy Mine can only be detonated by a heavy armored unit passes over. Airmechs cannot even detonate these when stepped on!

Great to stop large tank pushes. Can be disabled by healer units.


The Heavy Mine is a consumable mine unit that is placed on the ground and explodes when it driven over, dealing damage to all enemy units surrounding it. It takes 10 seconds to arm, and cannot be triggered by infantry or Airmechs.


  • Can quickly destroy a rush of light units or a large clump of tanks.
  • Is very cost effective and not easily dealt with.


  • Has a long arm time, and can be easily avoided by stopping the army or microing around them.
  • Must be placed defensively in an area that will be trafficked by enemy units.
  • Can be disarmed and destroyed by healing units and healing mechs.

Good Loadouts

  • Is best used in team games to stop or destroy an enemy tank push.
  • Can be used in any loadout that plays defensively and anticipates being pushed against.


The Heavy Mine was at one time able to be triggered by dropping a unit on it and quickly picking it up to avoid damage, but it now explodes instantly upon impact.


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