From an early age Hawk showed a natural interest in building machines and a mind for optimizing processes. Few can match his constructive ingenuity, especially in the resource-starved post-War world.


Slot: Pilot

Level Required: 1

Kudos Price: 300 Kudos Kudos

Availability: Shop, Quests

Alternate: Tycho, Annarchy, Lilith, Ultimate Hawk

In-game Hotlink: Hawk


Hawk is commonly used by players who prefer the production style of the game and is generally unsuited for dogfighting. Hawk provides the largest economy bonus out of all Pilots currently in game and is second, along with Samson , only to Tycho in terms of increased unit cap. Hawk is often underestimated by newcomers due to his lack of dogfighting skills.


Hawk provides a +10% Credits bonus along with a +5% Unit Build Speed. Hawk provides one of the largest economic boosts in game relative to any other current Pilot . Coupled with his +10% Credits Cap, Hawk will generally be used to fill the role of support. While his dogfighting skills are ineffective for most fights, Hawk compensates by earning credits faster and out producing his opponents to win the game. Hawk is suited for players who prefer the real-time strategy aspect of the game. It is recommended for players to play defensively using Hawk and push slowly with the larger amounts of units Hawk provides.