Prerequisites Edit

Silver VIP or better

Preface Edit

I am GamingZacharyC, a video game enthusiast who has taken an interest in modding. For AirMech, this means making maps. When I first found the wiki, the Map Editor page was unclear, but take a look at it now, compared to the version before my continuous edits. I feel very qualified on this topic.

Navigating to the Editor Edit

While navigating to the editor feels excessive, this is the only process to access it. First, in the lobby, select Play, then select Training. Click a pilot. This will be the default AI you test your map with. Start the match. Once in the match, hit ESC (escape). Once the pause menu shows up, click Map Editor.

Keybinds and Other Controls Edit

The editor can be very intimidating at first (Think Photoshop intimidating, to a lesser extent). Without the proper knowledge of how to navigate it, it quickly becomes something from your nightmares. That's why I'm here to help. To pan your camera, push down your scroll wheel (Middle-Click) and drag your mouse. To soon in and out, just scroll as though you're on a webpage. To rotate your camera, hold Alt and Middle-Click, and drag. A full list of keybinds can be found here.

Setting Up your Map Edit

Next, you should click File next to the AirMech logo, then hit New, as shown to the right. Almost instantly, you should see something like the first image below. This is your map template, with the AirMech spawners in the middle, the two Fortresses, and a square, flat terrain template. The lines you see around the map are the Orange MiniMap bound, Blue ForceBox (where units must stay), and Green CameraExtent box, where the camera must stay. It's good practice to set this about 10 units smaller on every axis than the ForceBox.


Your next step will be to click the Metadata button (shown to the right) so that you can set variables for your map.

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