Any game relevant unit, item or pilot can be unlocked with the free currency, Kudos.

There were several ways to get exclusive units, pilots and AirMech variants or simply unlock units faster. Access to these exclusive units may now be restricted to the Player Market.


Referral banner

Before persistent level 5, you may enter a referring player and get 1000 Kudos Kudos. The player whose name you entered gets rewards too - so try to enter someone who was friendly and helpful into the box.

Referral icon
The fastest way to get to the box is by clicking the flashing icon, but you also reach the page via Quests > Social If you have a friend or two who might be interested in AirMech, you should have them enter your name in the referral box. When they reach level 5, you get 400Kudos and 10Diamonds icon. The first 5 of your referred friends reward you with 800Kudos and 100Diamonds icon when they reach level 10. It doesn't stop there - there are rewards for up to 1000 referred players.

You can also give your friends your referral link so when they sign up, they will automatically be counted as your referral.

Most communities can't stand it when members spam referral links around their boards. You won't make any friends by mindlessly spamming your link!


Communication Uplink gives 400 diamonds to any player.

You can also buy diamonds!

Diamond RollEdit

When a Diamond Roll is initiated, the announcer prompts you to type "/roll" into global chat. Instead, you can simply click the dice on the banner that appear on top of the chat-pane.

The highest number rolled wins 360 Diamonds icon, the lowest 60 Diamonds icon. The numbers rolled are currently between 1 and 1000, in case more than one player rolls the highest/lowest number, they all win the full amount!

Do not ask for "more" - Diamond Rolls aren't free to initiate, they are only free to participate


Go to the Info tab and enter "/quiz"! Yes, it's just an easter egg, but 50 Kudos Kudos isn't too bad.

First question is: "would you like some kudos?" Type "yes" to get them.

Second question is: "what is the max amount of units an airmech can carry?" type "4" to recieve another 50 kudos.

Third question is: "What is the 9th AirMech to be introduced?" type "Angel" to recieve a third amount of 50 Kudos.

Now this one is special, The fourth question is: "What is your favourite AirMech type? I'll give you 100 Kudos." Simply say the name of a AirMech and it should give you 100 Kudos.


Free Diamonds Ingame Link

AirMech Exclusive Alienware Invasion Pack Giveaway - Retired!Edit

Description Edit

Alienware Invason Pack

Description Edit

Alienware Arena invaded AirMech with this exclusive Alienware Invasion Pack.

The Alienware Invasion Pack gave access to 4 exclusive items for AirMech not found anywhere else:

How to Obtain Edit

Follow the desciption on and redeem the code ingame. Each Account can only use one alienware code, and each code may only be claimed once.

Raptr Rewards - Retired!Edit


Raptr is a Windows client, that tracks the time of your played games and rewards you for spending time with the game opened.

How to ObtainEdit

Liquidsnake3 compiled very detailed instructions on how to get the rewards. Raptr requires you to spend a certain amount of time playing the game, the exact amount is always in relation to the total time played, so it will likely increase.


BIG PIG INK Newsletter - Retired!Edit

Oink banner


Oink is the protagonist of the creator-owned comic of artist John Mueller. Originally, the pilot was bundled with a purchase of the digital comic from the store, but currently, it's free to get!

How to ObtainEdit

Sign up to the newsletter, confirm your email - your special OINK PILOT code will be emailed to you within next few business days! Codes do not ship on weekends, as that's when John Mueller is painting.


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