The Fortress is the primary building in the game. It enables the player to build units, rebuilds the player's AirMech when it is destroyed, and spawns Creeps. The objective of a match depends on the game mode but usually revolves around taking down the enemy fortress while defending your own.

The fortress spawns creeps, which are infantry soldiers who will automatically try to capture any neutral or enemy outposts in their path. Once every outpost is captured they will attack the enemy fortress. In survival mode they will stand near the fortress entrance waiting if all the outposts are captured and on the players' side.

The fortress has a lot of health, but once it's gone, it's not coming back, so proper defense is paramount. Fortresses have a weak spot at their corners which suffers double damage when attacked. A shield can be created to negate this and grant a rechargeable 7% health bonus by building a Lunchbox on a socket attached to the fortress. If one side controls all outposts on the map the opposing team's fortress will quickly start to take Domination Damage .

Fortress Damage

1. Units will attack your Fortress when they are set on the Y command, if the enemy is dominating or there are no units in the area.

2. Your fortress health will decrease when attacked, indicated by the bar at the top left.

3. Fortresses have a weak spot at their corners which suffer double damage when attacked. It is indicated by red blinking, similar to when tanks are shot from behind.

4. Your screen will flash with a red border and emit a warning siren when your fortress is attacked. Make sure to respond to this immediately.

Trivia Edit

  • the fortress has infantry slots around the spot where units are produced. However, they are impossible to use.