This infantry unit has no attack capabilities, but is great at healing! Also, this unit enjoys disabling pesky enemy mine units.

Great when bunkered since they can heal all nearby units in range. It can be assigned orders if needed.


The Fixer is the healer infantry. It's lightweight, occupies less space, and is cheaper than any other healing unit. It's highly mobile unless bunkered and is highly fragile compared to other repair units.


  • Quick and cheap unit for disarming mines or collecting salvage credits.
  • Can occupy an outpost and heal units while inside.


  • Has no damage capabilities, so is vulnerable to all units.
  • Dies quickly in combat to AoE units.

Good Loadouts

  • Works well as a combination of an infantry unit and a repair unit, and does both jobs well.


Masses of fixers are very efficient at mine sweeping. They heal allied units at a decent rate, but are a bit unreliable at capturing Outposts as they will tend to heal nearby units rather than enter the Outpost.

One of the best uses of fixers is to quickly fix up damaged units after a major fight.  It's possible to create a quick mass of fixers faster than any other healing units due to their low cost.  Fixers will continue to stay in the same area as long as there is a unit that is damaged, or if they are set on Hold position. the Fixer can accept orders on the PC version of Airmech, making it a fairly good choice with a Sergeant and other infantry in a small or large group.


  • During the Alpha version, it was called an Engineer.
  • As confirmed by Carbon games, the Fixer alludes to the Medic from Team Fortress 2.