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Every game, every AirMech starts at the same level of 1. The only times you don't is when you're below persistent level 8, in which case you start at 8-your current level. This only applies to single player though, in PvP you play from 1 no matter your persistent level. Throughout the course of the game, your AirMech is able to level up, to the maximum level of 15 by doing various actions. This allows your AirMech to become significantly stronger. Besides gaining more stats per level, AirMechs also gain 1 ability point per level, which can then be distributed to one of four available abilities.

Starting Level 1
Maximum Level 20
Ability Point gain per level


Starting Ability Points 0
Maximum Ability Points 19

Every level your mech's stats are adjusted by a multiplier depending on their default stats at lvl 1. The multiplier table and the experience table per level is available at the Airmech Data Spreadsheet

Gaining Experience[]

To gain levels, you must gain experience. There are a number of ways to gain experience, and most of them are pretty intuitive, while others aren't as much so. You gain experience by, basically, performing actions beneficial to your team. Here's the breakdown:

1. Capturing outposts:

  • Neutral Outpost 250
  • Enemy Outpost 100

2. Holding outposts:

  • You get 10 exp every 15 seconds for every outpost in your control.

3. Building units and picking them up

  • You recive a certain amount of XP when you pick up a unit that you just built from the outpost. The amount of experience recieved varies from unit to unit.

4. Destroying enemy AirMechs and Units:

  • You recieve less XP when your units kill a Unit/AirMech
  • You recieve more XP when your AirMech kills a Unit/AirMech
  • For exp amount chart, refer to the units section.

5. Winning the game

  • At the end of the match you will get 800 points for winning (destroying the enemy fort) and 0 for losing.

6. Shooting down missiles:

  • You get 8 experience for every missile you shoot down.

7. Healing with Osprey

  • You get 8 experience every second you spend healing with the Osprey.

8. Abducting with Saucer

  • You get 5 experience every second you spend abducting with the saucer.


  • You don't get any experience for getting blown up and respawning, or for your base or any of your units spawning creeps.
  • Mines don't give any exp on getting disarmed or getting blown up.
  • AirMech kill experience will be reworked in the future to be based on levels.
  • Your end-game score is calculated on your total in-game experience.