Anti-ground Rockets on an armored truck chassis. These are cheap to build and move quite quickly. They are good when littered behind tank walls, and have a little rocket guidance plus minimal armor.


The Bucky is a long range rocket vehicle that resembles a HIMARS (MLRS). The Bucky is versatile with high speed and offensive power, its ability to target ground targets, and low cost. Its main drawbacks are its weak armor and its slow rockets that do not follow their target and occasionally miss versus stationary foes, making them unsuited for combat against fast units (such as the Zipper and Tango) or AirMechs.


  • Has long range, and can be used as a Long-range artillery unit.
  • Useful against Outposts
  • Useful as an Anti-tank support unit at close range.


  • Is very weak to anti-light units, and is susceptible to AoE.
  • Cannot attack air units or flying mechs.
  • Is Inaccurate over long distances

Good Loadouts

  • Has synergy with AoE units because it can quickly finish off damaged units from a distance.
  • Should be used with loadouts that focus on wearing down enemy lines and winning midfights.


Buckies are the Anti-tank light unit, making them excellent compliments to Armadillos and Jackals if you choose to pack them. 'Dillos and Jackals lack the firepower to take down tanks effectively, but Buckies have decently powerful rockets, making them excellent support for light unit armies.

Their good weapons can also supplement regular tank armies as damage fodder, Like Jackals, Buckies are cheap and quick to make, but unlike Jackals, Buckies carry powerful weapons, making Bucky a good choice as a distraction unit for Tank armies; place them at the font and sides of your army to make enemy units attack them first, ignoring your more expensive tanks. The powerful weapons on the Bucky will allow you to hold a higher damage output than with Jackals, but with the same cheap distraction effects. Also Buckies have a reduced 40% damage vs the fortress.

Buckies also have a very long range, 26. Tanks have a mere 20 range, and turrets, 22. Exploit this advantage by making buckies work like anti-tank sniper units, being able to hit enemy tank lines from afar, without recieving any damage in return. Be careful , however, as Buckies have very weak armor, making them easy targets for a defending Airmech; supplement your Bucky Sniper lines with Anti-Air. The long range of Bucky can make it a cheap and effective alternative to Artillery. They can, however, be nullified if the enemy packs an Aegis.