This robotics factory is an enhanced version of the ones found inside your fortress. Featuring speed enhancements to the manufacturing arms, the spawner will create a creep at the same level as the current creeps in the game every 13 seconds which is a 7-second improvement from the bot spawners in the fortress. Like standard creeps, the spawned bots assail whatever non-friendly building is nearest. Must be attached to a connection pad to function.


The Bot Spawner is an infantry socket unit. This unit spawns a creep into the game every 13 seconds. This is very effective for having enough infantry to capture neutral outposts, and also serves as a distraction for tank and mech fire.


  • Can create a healthy Creep supply on the battlefield, allowing reinforcement in times of need.
  • Can help apply constant pressure against enemy forces, even if slow.
  • Helpful when pushing, as surplus infantry can distract the enemy, and quickly capture outposts.
  • Can be game-changing once Level 4 Creeps are available.


  • Sets you back economically in the beginning of the match, which is a crucial time.
  • Can be easily harassed and destroyed, and has a very long build time in order to be replaced.
  • Enemies can kill creeps for experience

Good Loadouts

  • Is best used in team games, specifically on large maps where infantry can roam freely.


The Bot Spawner's viability increases greatly during long games because it spawns very strong creeps which can destroy many units on their own. If they are not responded to, bot spawners can gradually swarm and overwhelm the enemy with creeps.


  • Spawns creeps. (Build 14287)
  • Stops spawning if creep number reach a specific amount. (Build 14287)
  • Spawns creeps based on Quarter, and what type are already spawning. (Build 14287)