Additional firepower! Shoots at the same time and in the same direction as your AirMech.
Consumes energy on use.


The Blaster Guardian is the basic gun guardian which orbits around your mech and provides additional damage to all enemy units and mechs in the direction that you are firing. This guardian is great for mechs which spend a lot of time shooting at enemy units, as the Blaster Guardian increases your AirMech gun damage.


  • Deals passive gun damage to enemy units while you are firing, increasing your mechs overall damage but requiring energy.


  • Is the most expensive guardian.
  • Consumes a lot of energy while firing, meaning you could become stranded on the battlefield.

Good Loadouts

  • Works well with dogfighting mechs such as Striker and Neo, which get a lot of kills on mechs in the air.
  • Can be used with any mechs that kills lots of units on the frontlines of the midfight.


Guardians circle around you, increasing your mech's gun damage slightly. Blaster Guardians are best used with an Osprey or Neo for an attack boost. They can be used with a Striker in combination with his striker sword.

Note: Blaster Guardians are just as accurate as your mech's gunfire, even though they look like they are inaccurate, this is simply a visual effect.

It is not recommended to use them with a Warthog, as they drain energy faster.