Once the bane of bears and other innocent woodland creatures, this jaw-like contraption has been retrofitted for the battlefield. This unit will grab any infantry that walks over it, dealing damage until the infantry are destroyed.

Bear Traps will stay indefinitely until disabled by a healer unit or abducted. These are good to block outpost attacks and creep routes. Requires upkeep, but can be recycled.


Required Level: 4

Price: 500 Kudos Kudos

Availability: Shop

In-game Hotlink: Bear Trap


Think of the bear trap as a regular mine except it inflicts continuous damage against a single infantry unit and keeps that unit from moving at all. Place these bear traps in the middle of a creeps path or infront of an outposts door to stop the enemy from capturing outposts.

However, Repair units will disarm a player's bear trap once they get within range so it is important that no repair units touch the bear trap or it will be destroyed.

Butchers and Assassins are able to destroy these.