Is covert operation more your style? These bots can stealth to avoid detection.They are strong against socketed units and neutralizing undefended outposts. It can be assigned orders if needed.


The Assassin is a stealth melee infantry that cloaks and remains invisible to the enemy until it is in range of an enemy unit and strikes. It has a high damage output and excels at getting behind enemy lines before being killed. Unlike its Butcher counterpart, the Assasin has low HP, but can quickly be replaced. It will prioritize killing enemy units before entering an outpost.


  • A group of assassins can quickly kill a tank from behind
  • Are invisible to enemy Mechs, units and radar until they are in close range.
  • Cheap and fast alternative to Butcher
  • Can be very effective scouts if given orders, highlighting areas on your minimap without being seen.
  • Can destroy Bear Traps.


  • Can be easily bombed or destroyed by any AoE attacks due to their light armor and HP.
  • Very Ineffective Combat units, as they deal little damage

Good Loadouts

  • Has great synergy with the Neo and Bomber.
  • Effective for any loadout that requires a lot of map awareness.
  • Works well with any one unit that distracts enemy fire while the Assassin shreds the enemy unit to pieces from behind.


Assassins can be used as shock troopers as they can cloak to avoid detection from other units while they sneak into a empty outpost. They have a fast move speed so they can run up to an enemy unit before it has time to react. The Assassin works best when it is dropped behind a unit and supported with Mech fire, or if it is sent across the map on a stealth mission.

Trivia Edit

  • As confirmed by the Dev team, the Assassin alludes to the Spy from Team Fortress 2.


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