Specializing in superior air combat skills, Ashe all but assures dominance of the sky over any battlefield and is especially adept at swatting missiles out of the air. Shrouded in mystery, no one has ever seen his eyes.


Slot: Pilot

Level Required: 2

Shop Price: 800 Kudos Kudos

Availability: Shop. Also via Quest.

In-game Hotlink: Ashe


Ashe is one of the many Pilots available via Quest. Ashe is typically used for commando style play due to Ashe's stat modifiers being focused on healing and fuel efficiency. Ashe is second to Scout Master/Lady Gaia in terms of fuel efficiency with a +15% bonus. Ashe is a commonly used Pilot for both newcomers and higher level players who do not have access to Scout Master/Lady Gaia due to his survivability and carry potential.


The +50% Missile Shoot Down Chance on Ashe makes him an excellent Pilot in terms of survivability. Ashe's +30% Recharge Rate coupled with his +15% Fuel Efficiency aid in general drops and unit carry. Ashe's bonuses primarily fit Helix due to Helix's inherit carry potential and the Helix's Rocket ability. Ashe is typically played as a commando Pilot, utilizing his survivability and excellent carry to perform "ninja" drops and carry out backdoor assaults. +30% Recharge Rate (recharge fuel faster only when hovering over Outpost/Fortress.