Dillo for short, these scrappy light tanks were adapted from older designs, making them very cost efficient for their punch.

Great when used in mass for quick rushes, but not good at defending against tank pushes. Weak from the rear.


The Armadillo is a small primary ground tank. It's a cheap and fast light combat tank. Its durability and gun penetration are lower than that of a Longhorn, making it better for taking out smaller units like infantry and light vehicles, but a poor choice for facing heavy tanks.


  • Armadillo's cheap price and light weight make it a "Quantity-over-Quality" type of unit.
  • It's high speed and low build time makes it great for quickly creating large pushes.
  • Having 1 upkeep allows them to greatly outnumber other tanks and win with sheer force of numbers.


  • Can be easily bombed and destroyed by AoE.
  • Not good for defending against tank pushes because of mediocre health.

Good Loadouts

  • Armadillo works best in an aggressive loadout with small units. Units such as Flakker and Patcher have synergy with this tank.


Armadillo, affectionately referred to as the "'Dillo" for short, is a lightweight, scrappy, but reliable and cost-effective tank, viable in many situations, for many different roles.

The Armadillo is typically used to outnumber enemy tanks. Cheaper and weaker tanks the dillos are, but in larger numbers, they become far more than the enemy can handle without support. More Armadillos attacking units deal more damage than they can take , and the cheap and weak nature of the Armadillo may cause the enemy to underestimate the power of your army, and may not employ as-effective anti-tank measurements, but don't assume the enemy can't counter you! Armadillos are still weak in small numbers and when unsupported.

A common alternative strategy takes advantage of the Armadillo's light weight. Using a fast carry mech, a user can carry 2 or 3 of them at once, and drop them nearby an undefended enemy outpost, and hurt the enemy behind the front lines, something that can't be done with heavier tanks within the same time.

Another interesting strategy is to include Armadillos at the front of your army as distractions. Being at the front of the army, defending units will target them first, and leave the stronger, higher-damage units alone for a short time, serving as a very well-armored light unit.

Keep in mind that the Armadillo is a very weak tank, but it can pose a large threat if large numbers are encountered. Enemies using Bombs or other AoE attacks, such as Melee, or Artillery can make quick work of your dillos from afar

Longhorns and Gemini tanks can deal effective damage against the armadillo, but it is important to have numbers to combat numbers.