Medium Artillery cannon. Requires careful positioning, as it has a fixed position and is unable to rotate more than a direct cone in front of it. This unit has long range, but cannot attack anything outside of its drop indicator.
This artillery is used most early game in mid fights. Deals good damage directly and has a larger splash damage radius than the Arty.


The Archy is a medium-ranged artillery unit that deals blast damage to enemy units within its attack range. It is similar to a Turret in that it is immobile and must be positioned carefully in order to shoot down its enemies. It has a fairly long range, but sacrifices some AoE damage as a result. The Archy is generally used to focus down specific clumps of units, rather than overall splash damage.


  • Is an AoE unit that can attack multiple targets at once from a long distance.
  • Can outrange almost all units, allowing it to be safely off the frontlines while shooting at enemy units.


  • Has no defensive capabilities and can be easily destroyed without proper support.
  • Can be distracted by mobile units, making it difficult to aim properly.

Good Loadouts

  • Works as a defensive unit that destroys pushes and softens the units for other AoE units such as Bombs.
  • Can be used in a mid-fight loadout to gain an edge during a stalemate.


Archy falls behind both Arty and Bertha in the artillery class of units. It has a 20 degree firing arc, cannot rotate or fire below minimum range, a 3 second reload time, and an arcing shot.