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AirMechs are the Player-controlled Vehicles in AirMech. They can transform between a Ground form and an Air form, and can engage Enemy units and AirMechs in their respective positions (i.e. can engage grounded AirMechs and units on the ground, and airborne AirMechs in the air). Their other critical function is the transportation of units.

During the game, AirMechs gain Experience points and thereby Level up. Leveling up increases the stats of the AirMech and also allows certain abilities to be built. At level 1, all AirMechs have access to 1 level point which can be used to unlock 3 abilities (e.g. Osprey Heal Beam, Helix Rockets, Neo cloak, Striker afterburner). Earning more XP unlocks more ability upgrade points (via building units or killing enemy units) for existing abilities, until the player reaches the maximum level, which is 20. Every mech has its own Ultimate Ability, and it is not upgradable until the player earns sufficient XP to get level 6. The higher ability points spent in 1 specific ability throughout the game will make it more sufficient (more damage, longer effects for less energy). Some units are locked until the mech get leveled up to a specific XP amount.

There are currently 9 types of base AirMechs. There are variants available for all the AirMechs. A variant is a Skin, identical stats to the base version within AirMech Strike, but looks (in color and details) dramatically different. When used within AirMech Wastelands however, some variants may have increased stats over the base versions.

All AirMechs give 100 XP per kill, have 45-60 weapon piercing values and armor values of either 75, 80, or 85.


All AirMechs



Ground DPS Air DPS Hit Points Armor Air Speed Build Time Carry Capacity Build Cost Air Mode Primary Air Mode Secondary Ground Mode Primary Ground Mode Secondary Specific Passive Abilities Ultimates
M-11 Striker 220 295 1150 80 28.1 4.3 2060 3000 Air Cannons Afterburners Ground Cannons Energy Shield and Beam Sword Armor Upgrade Missile Burst (A2A & G2G)
M-05 Helix 228 295 1200 80 25.7 5.3 2540 4200 Air Cannons Rockets (Anti-AirMech) Ground Cannons Rockets (Anti-Unit) Carry Upgrade, Armor Upgrade Missile Burst (A2A & G2G)
M-30 Bomber 220 265 1200 75 27.7 5.3 2240 5000 Air Cannons Bombs Dual Blades Mantis Strike Ground Speed Upgrade Whirlwind
XM-85 Neo 230 295 1025 75 31.6 6.3 1760 5000 Air Cannons Cloaking / Radar Disrupt Ground Cannons Statis Blast Armor Upgrade Missile Redirect
XM-51 Saucer 220 280 1050 80 30.5 5.3 1880 5000 Air Cannons Blink  Ground Cannons Death Ray / Debuff DPS Abduction (Passive / Active) Unit Teleport
M-23 Osprey 200 255 1150 80 25.7 5.3 2540 4500 Air Cannons Heal Beam Ground Cannons Heal Beam Carry Upgrade, Armor Upgrade Heal Nova
M-10 Warthog 323 380 1450 75 26.8 6.3 2360 5500 Chaingun Vertical Fire (A2G) Chaingun Vertical Fire (G2A) Barrel-Spin Upgrade, Damage Upgrade Overshield
M-47 Paladin 200 260 1190 85 24.2 5.3 2780 5000 Air Cannons Auras (defense, offense, movement speed) Ground Cannons Hammer Throw Auras (defense, offense, movement speed) Armor Upgrade
M-38 Angel 210 270 1100 75 24.9 5.3 2360 4200 Air Cannons Loop Dual Pistols Railgun / Glide Quickshot Ability Hyper Rail

Highest and Lowest Stats[]

High Stats:

  • The Neo has the fastest air speed
  • The Warthog does the most air and ground damage (non ability)
  • The Paladin has highest base carry capacity (non ability)
  • The Helix and Osprey have the highest potential carry capacity (leveled up)
  • The Bomber has the lowest radar signature
  • The Saucer has the fastest (instant) aerial rotation speed
  • The Bomber has the Largest Attack Area
  • The Striker has the Fastest Build Speed
  • The Bomber has the fastest ground speed
  • The Warthog has the highest health (hit points)
  • The Paladin has the highest damage resistance from the front while landed, due to its shield.

Low Stats:

  • The Neo has the lowest carry capacity
  • The Paladin has the slowest air speed
  • The Osprey and Paladin have the weakest ground DPS (non ability)
  • The Osprey has the weakest air DPS
  • The Warthog has slowest shooting speed (long chain gun spin-up time)
  • The Neo and Warthog have the longest build speed
  • The Neo has the lowest health (hit points)